Monthly horoscope by star sign – This month, February 2021

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Saturn in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus on February 17th and you’re ready to take your first few steps into the unknown! 2021 started with a bang and you’ve had to think on your feet. Mercury is now retrograde in Aquarius giving you a moment to catch your breath. You’ve gone as far as you can with a certain idea. It’s time to retrace your steps and review the situation. Throw in an innovative Aquarius New Moon on February 11th and the most amazing Valentine Day 2021, curtesy of Venus and Mercury with lucky Jupiter in Aquarius and you’ve got a great month ahead of you! By the 21st, Mercury finally goes direct and you’re ready to push forward with fresh ideas. February ends with an industrious, liberating Virgo Full Moon on the 27th so hurry and read up on your February monthly horoscope!

Review, revise and reinvent yourself! This Mercury retrograde is special…

It’s February and Valentine’s Day 2021 is fast approaching. And, yes, this year may have been a little crazy but you ain’t seen nothing yet. This year’s Valentine’s promises to be a peach! Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are sailing very close in Aquarius and there’s opportunities for love aplenty. Blast from the past? You betcha – and what a wonderful surprise it is too!  Mercury retrograde conjuncts lover Venus and lucky Jupiter and there has never been a lovelier combo. Old lovers return, old friendships are rekindled and dreams come true. With Mars sextile Neptune too, we’re talking sexy dreams! Give someone a second chance this month. Everything has its moment.

Love planet Venus enters Aquarius this month and bumps straight into Saturn in Aquarius. Love on the rocks? Saturn could bring a reality check in love on February 6th. Expect fast, unexpected developments with Uranus squaring Venus next. Is this a break up? Or perhaps you simply need more freedom if this relationship is going to work? By February 8th, Mercury retrograde conjuncts the Sun and a new idea is born. With Chiron sextile Saturn too, now’s the time to go back into the past and retrieve a piece of your soul. Time to make yourself whole again.

The Aquarius New Moon of February 11th brings a radical break with the past. Mercury retrograde squares Mars, Saturn squares Uranus and angry words could be exchanged. You’ve gotta speak up; take matters in your own hands; be the positive change you want to see in the world. “Wake up!” February says. 

Valentine’s Day is a veritable oasis of love so soak it up while you can. Where is your luck? Check out Jupiter in your chart! By February 17th, Uranus squares Saturn in the signature aspect of 2021, and you feel the earth shake under your feet. Things are changing, and fast!

The Sun enters Pisces on the 19th – happy Birthday Pisces 🙂 – just as Mars and Venus square. Ready to see the world in full technicolour? That’s a passionate moment right there and you can cut the tension with a knife. No less because Mercury goes direct shortly after – as the 20th gives way tot he 21st – and you can finally begin moving forward along the right track. 

Come the 25th, Venus enters Pisces, filling the world with love. You’ve a romantic few weeks ahead of you but your rose coloured glasses won’t compromise your critical eye… The month ends on a decisive Virgo Full Moon of February 27th, square the eclipse points. Are you ready to heal and move on? Check out your star sign’s February monthly love horoscope!

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