These are your money & career horoscopes for the week of March 1-7

money & career horoscopes

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Money & Career Horoscopes

Every week I give you your weekly horoscopes on Mondays at 5:40 p.m. PST on 106.5 The End. While they’re usually pretty general, I decided to focus this week’s horoscopes on money, career, and the workplace.

Pisces money & career horoscopes: You need to protect and hold onto your assets as tightly as possible this week, because people are wanting material support from you. In the workplace, coworkers or subordinates will want exceptions for project/office budgets, and at home, family will ask for more luxuries at this time. With it being the first week of a new month, it’s best to be as conservative with your money as possible to hold you over until your next pay period. Your week is a 7.

Aries money & career horoscopes: You’ll experience more stability and structure through partnership in the workplace this week. As the saying goes…teamwork truly does make the dream work. Even if you absolutely hate meetings, it may be beneficial for you to set aside an extra 20 minutes or so to catch up with your team to refresh, reset, or work out some details that require human interaction beyond email. Your week is a 10.

Taurusmoney & career horoscopes: As you look to the future of your current business offerings and operations, you’ll draw inspiration from nostalgia and learn from past experiences that went well. If your workplace is hiring, you may also want to consider interviewing a former coworker for the position, whom you really enjoyed working with in the past. Your week is an 8.

Gemini money & career horoscopes: You’re known to have been secretive about something in the workplace, and coworkers are beginning to catch on. This is creating all sorts of confusion for everyone because, while your intentions are simply to protect assets and information, it’s coming across as secretive and shady. Reframe the way you communicate with your colleagues – you can still be open and transparent while protecting whatever its is you’re protecting, while avoiding unnecessary drama in the workplace. Your week is a 6.

Cancer money & career horoscopes: You recognize that there’s room for growth in your skillset, and this week you’ll prioritize learning something new from someone you really trust in your industry. This mentee opportunity could open doors for you down the road, but let’s not jump to that just yet. Enjoy the journey of learning new skills on the way to that potential new chapter. Your week is a 9.

Leo money & career horoscopes: You’ll step outside your comfort zone (and perhaps locale) to move closer to completion of a project. You realize that there’s a missing piece to the puzzle and luckily, you know exactly what it is, where to find it, and how to get it. Focus on getting that project complete and making it the best it can be. Your week is a 10.

Virgo money & career horoscopes: A recent decision you made gave you a lot of hope for a better outcome than what you’re now experiencing, which is a total feeling of crisis and lack mindset. There’s still time to shift the outcome of events, but it really comes down to your attitude about the situation. Think of simple ways to elevate your experience and make it a pleasurable one rather than a situation that you know is doomed to fail. It’s up to you to turn things around for yourself – always remember that. Your week is a 3.

Libra money & career horoscopes: A coworker you previously saw as competition has now become your closest partnership in the workplace, and you now realize that you have a lot to learn from each other. You’ll grow closer with this person professionally this week, which will likely open doors for both of you very soon. Your week is a 10.

Scorpio money & career horoscopes: money & career horoscopes: You’ll uncover discrepancies in the workplace this week through operations or even a coworker’s behavior that doesn’t sit right. The best way to respond to this is by setting clear boundaries and having direct communication, if this is something that needs to be addressed urgently. Separate emotion from it, and pretend to be aloof if you have to (you’ll uncover even more information that way). Your week is a 9.

Sagittarius money & career horoscopes: You’re on top of your game right now and people are noticing – so much so that they want to steal you away to work with them! The great news is that you’re in a really great spot right now, so staying with your current employer is not a bad thing at all. However, there might possibly be an even better opportunity presenting itself to you. Exploring your options doesn’t mean you have to commit right away. See what others have to offer, and then weigh out the pros and cons and trust your gut on this one. Your week is a 10.

Capricorn money & career horoscopes: After a minor setback or disappointment in your career, you’re reaching a turning point filled with new ideas and creativity this week. Pay close attention to how different your mindset is this week than it’s been in the past. To avoid that lack mindset moving forward, take note of what works for you (and what doesn’t) so you can continue to push forward and let the creativity flow for weeks and months to come (and beyond). Your week is a 9.

Aquarius money & career horoscopes: After months of slow growth and putting in the work to achieve better results in your career, a major shift and sudden change will occur in the workplace that’ll catapult you to the next level. This change may feel unexpected and overwhelming, but it’s really been in the making for quite some time. You’ve been learning all you need to learn along the way to support yourself and others through this sudden transition. Your week is a 7.

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