Current Planetary Positions

Current Planetary Positions

On this page you can check the situation of the planets, the space rocks and other significant glorious bodies, in the twelve indications of the zodiac. These positions are determined quickly and appeared in London time.

The most ideal approach to utilize these is to turn into a top notch part. This will show your own introduction to the world outline straightforwardly close to the current planetary situations on this page.

In the event that you see anything in your outline at a similar degree (first number) and sign as anything on the day by day list, that is enormous.

You can invigorate this page whenever to see the current sign and degree position of the planets continuously.

Having a precise match on numbers, or degrees is a combination, or horoscope area of interest.

On the off chance that you have anything in Aries, Pisces as well as Capricorn (for instance) consistently verify where Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are. On the off chance that they are at a similar number (degree) as anything in your graph, that is a significant occasion or advancement, enduring a little while. Truth be told, it will completely change you.

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In the event that you are further developed with your soothsaying, you will likewise be searching for semi-sextiles, sextiles, squares, thirds, quincunxes and resistances in your own diagram. For the most exact forecasts work with 0-1 degree spheres. In case you’re simply beginning, searching for areas of interest (same sign/degree) is sufficient for the present.

The meaning of the heavenly bodies & Current Planetary Positions

THE SUN Something (or someone) shines a spotlight – illuminates and exposes – and draws attention.

THE MOON People or organisations which need to be needed. Mothers and maternal individuals.

MERCURY Multimeda, internet, publishing people and organisations. The mail. News and news-bringers.

VENUS People who live for their relationships. Women, in particular. Love and jealousy in combination.

VULCANO Men (typically) who suppress their emotion. Heated feelings. Powerful people have willpower.

PSYCHE This is going to last forever. It’s going to endure. There is something immortal about the moment.

CUPIDO Short-term passion. Temporary desire. Mad longing. Sometimes, the act of falling in love.

MARS Action men and action women (usually men). Heat. Tension. Anger. Sport, conflict or competition.

JUPITER Big global organisations. Global people. Opportunities. Solutions. One of the luckiest things to see!

JUNO Women who are Domestic Goddess wives, or Bridezillas. Alternatively, commitments are in the air.

FORTUNA The Wheel of Fortune spins. What is up goes down. What is down goes up. Destiny.

MINERVA Wise women – graduates, academics or ‘school of life’ geniuses. Clever answers. Brilliance.
DIANA Single, child-free women. As a trend – independence, space, freedom. Sometimes, bisexual women.

BACCHUS Pure pleasure. Hedonistic men. Total self-indulgence. In some cases, a Bacchanalia.

APOLLO Male leaders. Sometimes, bisexual men. People who influence and guide others – widely imitated.

CHIRON Mavericks. Punks. People and organisations who cross the line. What/whom is ‘outrageous’.

AESCULAPIA Miracle workers who revive and resurrect. In general, what was on the brink, comes back.

HYGEIA Prevention is better than cure. Think of innoculation, insurance, pre-emptive strikes, advance care.

PANACEA Remedies, but with an ethical dilemma. Solutions, cures, answers – but with a moral question.

SATURN Hard realities. Old men. Pessimists. Self-saboteurs. Stuck, slow, frozen organisations or situations.

OPS Hopeful solutions. Practical, positive women. Smart answers in hard times. Strategies that work out.

VESTA One man, two or more women. Harems. Gender politics. Usually a man playing King Henry VIII.

URANUS Radical change. Revolution. Freedom. Independence. The world upside-down. Electrifying times.

NEPTUNE Alternative realities. No boundaries. Drugs. Alcohol. The spirit world. Dreams. Altered states.

SALACIA Similar to Neptune. Other worlds. The ‘unreal’ realities of life. Trips or ‘trippy’ experiences.

PLUTO A change in the balance of power. Men who take over. Takeovers in general. Control freaks.

PROSERPINA Women who work as the go-between. Negotiation. Compromise. The middle person.

CERES Women with grief/anger/loss/control issues to heal. Sharing power. The challenge of letting go.

Current Planetary Positions