Aries Monthly Horoscope

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Aries Monthly Horoscope March 2021

The sun is illuminating a very private sector of your chart, dear Aries, finding you craving rest and quality time alone. The sun in spiritual Pisces is fantastic for meditation and intuitive development, and for exploring your psyche through dream analysis, shadow work, or therapy. Venus is in Pisces, too, finding you craving private, quiet time with your partners—a romantic spur-of-the-moment trip someplace secluded sounds great on March 3 as Venus connects with the planet of the unexpected, Uranus, currently in Taurus. Surprise shifts concerning money may also take place.

Important conversations arrive on March 4 when Mercury meets Jupiter in Aquarius—this is an especially exciting time in your social life! You may find yourself engaging with a new group or community. A fresh start is here, and you’re thinking big! But watch out for exaggerations: Mercury loves to talk, but Jupiter can be excessive. Also on March 4, your ruling planet Mars enters wordy Gemini, which adds to the chattiness of this moment! Mars likes to argue, so watch out for cutting words. Realize the power communication has, and use the energy to do fantastic things with your decisive nature and communication skills. 

A lazy, hazy day arrives on March 10 when the sun meets Neptune in Pisces: Make time to daydream, sleep in, and let your mind wander. Dive into a fantasy series and treat yourself to a little escape from everyday reality! The new moon in Pisces arrives on March 13, marking the start of a new journey around exploring your psyche: This is a powerful moment for therapy, shadow work, and spiritual pursuits. Venus also meets Neptune during this new moon, creating an especially romantic energy. Usually you’re fine with public displays of affection, but you are particularly private at this time, and will want to retreat with your lovers. 

A shift in energy takes place as the planet of the mind, Mercury, enters psychic Pisces on March 15, bringing a boost to your intuitive abilities. This is a great time to start journaling about the symbols that appear in your dreams. You might be in a more quiet mood than usual at this moment, perhaps not as quick to respond to text messages. That’s OK—let your mind rest!

March 16 finds the sun connecting with Pluto in Capricorn, which bodes well for creativity, especially concerning your career. Venus connects with Pluto on March 18, which is a helpful moment for accessing resources—whatever you need, Pluto, the lord of the underworld, knows just where it’s hidden! Your season begins on March 20: Happy solar return, Aries Monthly Horoscope! The sun in your sign renews you with life and passion: You’re coming out of the shy shell you’ve been in and are ready to celebrate! 

March 21 is one of the busiest days of the month: Mercury connects with Uranus, bringing unexpected news and breakthroughs. Mercury is the planet of the mind, and Uranus of genius, so some brilliant conversations are likely to take place! Venus enters your sign, Aries Monthly Horoscope, finding you feeling especially attractive, radiant, and magnetic! This is a great time to put your best face forward and connect with people, both in love and in business, as Venus isn’t just the planet of affection, but also of cash. Mars connects with Saturn in Aquarius, creating a supportive and productive energy in your social life—this is a great time to network and share ideas! But watch out for arguments when Mercury in Pisces squares off with your ruling planet Mars on March 23: Think before you speak, as now isn’t the time to jump to conclusions.

The sun meets Venus on March 26, marking an important moment for you, dear Aries: You’re coming to a deep understanding of what’s important to you, and a new start begins around Venusian themes, like love and money. The full moon in your opposite sign Libra lands on March 28, bringing a major climax to a situation concerning your partnerships (romantic and otherwise). Full moons are all about release, and you and your partners are likely to reveal or let go of something at this time. This can be an amazing turning point for relationships where there has been some baggage, and it can also be a moment when you decide to cut ties with people who you no longer want to partner with. Confrontations are had, but compromise is also on the table!

Mercury meets Neptune on March 29, bringing a big boost to your intuitive abilities, but also possibly finding you unfocused, a bit lazy, or just sleepy! Venus connects with taskmaster Saturn on March 30, followed by the sun on March 31, encouraging a supportive atmosphere: It’s not the coziest or most romantic moment, but it’s a solid time to discuss commitments.

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Aries Monthly Horoscope

Aries Monthly Horoscope March 2021

Aries Monthly Horoscope March 2021 The sun is illuminating a very private sector of your chart, dear Aries, finding you craving rest and quality time

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